Lubbock Arts Alliance - Who We Are

The Lubbock Arts Alliance is your arts council. We are non-profit organization working to ensure that Lubbock has a vibrant, growing art scene that remains accessible to every member of the community. Our mission is to foster the creation, understanding and enjoyment of the arts.

As your arts council, the Lubbock Arts Alliance:

. Supports local artists and arts organizations through services and

. Provides leadership to encourage economic development through the arts.
. Develops positive publicity and support for the arts.
. Works to establish Lubbock as a regional arts destination for visitors and

. Represents the arts community to local, state, and national organizations
     and officials.

Lubbock Arts Alliance has a proven track record of bringing the arts and outside resources together to achieve tangible results. The organization produces the largest community-wide celebration of the arts (the annual Lubbock Arts Festival); represents Lubbock to the Texas State Legislature, Texas Commission on the Arts and Lubbock City Council; and provides programming and services that benefit local artists and arts organizations.

Representatives from other arts organizations, artists, and patrons comprise the Board of Directors of the Lubbock Arts Alliance.